India Green Awards

The India Green Awards is a leading event organizing platform for Environmental development, sustainability, leadership, and innovation. We encourage and recognize the use of sustainable technologies, products, and practices by businesses and individuals to promote environmental stewardship. We provide the best and Unique Environment Development Event Management services.

India Green Awards platform is open to all government agencies, private sector companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, civil society organizations, research institutions as well as individual innovators from around the world.India green awards is our exclusive partner where the event will be recorded and will be telecasted on National Bussiness Channel.

solutions to protect

We all want to be part of a world that is green and pollution-free. The India Green Awards stands its role as a catalyst to motivate, inspire and connect key players from across various industries to find innovative solutions to protect the planet.

India a Progressive Nation

The purpose of rewarding people that contribute to making places safe to live is our biggest gain, and we believe it is the best way to recognize the effort of organizations. Our mission to make every place of India greener has been successfully done with a positive response that we are receiving from all corners of people. Our aim to make India a progressive nation has been supported by people and NGOs that make it possible to believe. We are thankful to all people that selflessly contribute to making India a proud nation.


Progression Global Believes

Progression global believes and supports the idea of rewarding people involved in making their places eco-friendly. Our vision and aim progressed rapidly with the support of various NGOs, and we are on the verge of helping people in their need of a non-polluted environment. Progression global brings the people effort and rewards them while recognizing their selfless acts. Our visionary and result-driven stats say that we are heading in the right direction and believe that people's contribution should highlight what makes them inspirational and continuously do this work.

Our Best Work

India green awards are the most recognized awards show that identifies the groundbreaking work of people that put effort into bringing their environment pollution-free. It is an award show dedicated to every person that continuously served and played a big part in making their places greener. We are recognized for our work that involves making the environment touch eco friendly. Our best work has been to identify the people who go the extra mile and recommend their volunteering work. We are confident that more people will engage in this innovative campaign and make India a developed, pollution-free nation.


The objective of our event

The objective of our event is to create a safe and green planet. India Green Awards is such an initiative that focuses on creating awareness about environmental protection and encouraging people to participate in activities that would benefit the planet as a whole.

Since the foundation of our company, The Progression Global in 2007, It has been serving as a global driving force for the transformation of society into a sustainable community by environmental development.